Cincinnati Highlights

Let’s say your day starts with brunch at Via Vite.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t when you get two courses for $15 and they look like this.


Yogurt, fruit and granola.


And fried egg and italian sausage over creamy polenta. Mind bendingly delicious.

I’ll leave you to guess which one Ryan ordered…

And then you remember it’s Oscar season and some brave soul made a silent movie,┬áso you go check it out.

How in the world did he get a green light for this project in 2012? Wouldn’t you have loved to be at that pitch meeting?


Discuss over ice cream.

And if the night leads you here, who am I to judge?


After all, there’s an accommodating story-telling bartender who remembers your face and your drink, an eclectic clientele of customers blended with a juke box with a wide ranging mix that has you asking “Did YOU pick this??” all night.


Let’s not forget the big messy burgers served late into the night.

Stay. Eat. Play some pool. You’ve got nowhere else to be.

In a word