Eat at Mike’s in Boston

Sometimes I want an upscale place for bru-u-unch with sweet sticky fancy french toasts that come with sculpted strawberries served by a waiter in a long white apron that calls me ma’am. (though I always hate being called ma’am…)

Other times I want to eat breakfast at 2pm sitting at the bar on stools like these

Watching the kitchen drama and eating an omelette with mix and match ingredients

That’s bacon and cheddar – two things I always want in an omelette – and then broccoli thrown in to balance out the tasty greasiness. Shockingly good. I recommend it.

On a windy chilly day in Boston, (and let’s be honest, there aren’t any other days in Boston right now) when you want a lot of food served fast and none it has to be fancy , go eat at Mike’s City Diner.

and bring a trashy novel with you.