A taste of Madrid

Breakfast: Cafe con leche and Churros

Madrid Spain


Madrid Spain

Madrid architecture runs to buildings with huge brick facades decorated with gorgeous iron balconies and lamp posts surrounding central squares. Hard to photograph.

Madrid Spain

Each square  anchors a neighborhood. Cafes put out tables, street artists perform and the place teems with people at night.

Snack? Straight from the USA?

Madrid Spain

I would love to meet the guy that stacked these cherries.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, two of Spain’s favorite sons.

Plaza Espana Madrid

Lunch: wine and tapas

Fried potatoes with aioli and trout roe. SO. GOOD.

Madrid Spain

The Reina Sofia museum houses Picasso’s Guernica, a piece robbed of its impact in reproductions. It’s haunting, disturbing and so powerful. We’re going to try to drive through Guernica on our way north tomorrow so I’ll talk more about it then.

Additionally, Reina Sofia has one of Europe’s largest collections of Modern Art (much more my style than the Prado). I loved this piece, which is a working metronome called Object of Destruction by Man Ray, and the kid who kept trying to figure out how it worked.

Reina Sofia Museum Madrid

And now it’s 7pm. ¬†Time to go home, take a nap and a shower and then come back out at 10pm for dinner. At least, that’s what we’re gonna do!


Corey and Kaitlyn, out.

Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain