Longman and Eagle

Longman and Eagle. Isn’t that a strange name for a restaurant? I haven’t done any research on it but I suspect it has literary or poetic meaning.

Hold, please.

Ok, I was close. ish. It actually references this Eagle sculpture in Logan square and the artist who designed it.

As to other website oddities, the chef looks like Sweeney Todd’s brother.

Moving on…

This place advertises itself as the kind of localorganicfarmtotable type establishment that is the most popular restaurant concept of the early 21st century. Pretty soon we’re going to see a restaurant built around an actual garden with cows roaming between the tables and waitstaff bustling around, uprooting your carrots in front of you so you know your food was sourced within 5 feet of your table.

This has probably already happened and I’m already behind the times.

But until you get watch someone forage for your dinner, I’d recommend Longman and Eagle because we went for brunch and most of the food was great.

Let’s get the less-great things out of the way first. Doesn’t this look luscious?

Yeah, it was about 50% less delicious than the picture. I really wanted this apricot scone to be amazing. And it wasn’t. It was dry and crumbly.

BUT, this was my breakfast.

PBR brunch

The creamy cheese grits were astonishingly thick, smooth and cheesy. I probably don’t even want to know how much butter and cream and cheese went into making them so delectable. But when grits are done right, you could take away everything else on that plate and I wouldn’t mind.


Yes, that’s enough bacon to feed my entire table. I have a very high tolerance for bacon but I don’t think I finished it. I opted for the grits instead.

And the piece de resistance?

PBR brunch

Yes, kids. This is the PBR brunch.

Coffee and a PBR. That’s what a weekend looks like.