Stories for Later

I’m not sure what this means, but I’m pretty sure the words Alien and Fresh and Jerky don’t belong on the same sign:

The pool at the Golden Nugget, with a minimal representation of the fat old ladies in regrettable swimwear:

The show we saw. I have a lot of opinions about Cirque de Soleil, I’ll get into them later. Maybe tomorrow?

The old strip, I think this was “American Pie” but it looks more like Mick Jagger:

Lorien’s “C’mon, seriously?” look:

The kind of pictures that get taken in Vegas with strangers at midnight:

People that aren’t KISS…:

with boots that I love:

Lorien tried to take a picture of me and then said “You never smile in pictures! Will you at least flirt with me or something so i can get a good picture of you??!”

It’s 3AM. That seems like a good time to go to bed in Vegas. Don’t you agree?