Things that are Great: Breakfast and Tomatoes

I woke up this morning and wanted breakfast with hashbrowns and bacon and someone else making it. The kind of breakfast I could order over the phone and have delivered to my apartment if I lived in NYC, but sadly I live in Tucson where the delivery service hasn’t evolved that far.

And more’s the pity…

There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to decide whether I’m ready to leave the house immediately after I’ve just woken up. I’m not the jump out of bed and greet the world type. I want the world to hold off while I sit around, drink coffee, check my email, figure out my day and gear up to face it.

But waking up hungry and not being able to shake the image of hashbrowns out of my head meant making some kind of decision and eventually breakfast won out. Who’s surprised?

Let’s eat, indeed!

I started with this:

And then piled on a bunch of fresh salsa so it looked like this:

I could eat fresh salsa on just about anything. I think tomatoes help cleanse fat from the body. Don’t you agree? If you eat salsa on your hashbrowns it makes them healthy. I’m sure of it.

Just to make sure, I went home and had a bowl full of tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and green onions for lunch.

Tossed with a vinaigrette, it’s like summer in a bowl. Delicious.

We’ve got a lot of summer around here so at least some of it should be delicious.

Maybe the heat will break when we get rain…