Black and White Bushwick

I posted a few days ago about my visit to The Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn, NY.

I’m always drawn to the simplicity of black and white art. Here are a few of my favorites, one of which is unattributed so if you recognize the artist, let me know in the comments and I’ll tag them:

Audrey with a selfie stick instead of a cigarette holder. Updated for the millennium but possibly equally as destructive?

Art by Flye Life – The Bushwick Collective, NY

Faces in black and white

Art by ECB – Bushwick, NY

Art in Bushwick, NY

Art by Erin Gregory (EFG) – The Bushwick Collective, NY

This chilling and gorgeous piece of indentured servitude, plus my favorite blue nails

Art by Oji – The Bushwick Collective, NY

The remains of a piece by WRDSMTH and the amusing addition of a Michael Jackson stencil

Art by WRDSMTH and s0th1s – The Bushwick Collective, NY

The marrying of words and images

Art by Sara Erenthal – The Bushwick Collective, NY

Art by David Hollier – The Bushwick Collective, NY

and this ethereal ballerina

Art by Cdre – Bushwick, NY

I’ll do one more post at the end of this week and post other colorful bits and pieces from this great gallery.