Driving into Nevada

It always looks a little like this, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to take this picture and drive simultaneously…

It looked a lot like this for most of the drive through Idaho:

And then I saw this sign and had to check it out, because of, you know, the rocks:

I’m pretty sure this is someone’s garage. But maybe that’s as good as it gets in Hagerman, ID, population 768:

In Nevada, they had snow fall last weekend and the snow line is still really low on the Ruby mountains:

Things I forget about Nevada until I’m reminded:

Coke ovens built in 1870 by Italian masons and used for hard wood charcoal, now unused but still beautiful:

My beautiful sister, Lorien:

Cave Lake:

The scene of Ice sculpture competitions and beautiful hiking trails winding up into the mountains:

And further up:

And even further up…:

We had no idea a 5 mile hike would take us so far up, but the view was worth it.

Tomorrow: Vegas.

Brace yourself.