Between boredom and suffering

My horoscope for this week, per Free Will Astrology: “One must choose in life between boredom and suffering.”


As if I don’t have enough on my mind.

There are further references to “pain-free excursions into high adventure” and “a fascinating riddle that taxes your imagination.” When I put all that together, it rather accurately describes my day/week.

I’ve been in a weird place with this book I’m writing because I’m having trouble developing the main character, which is a rather large problem. I’ve spent the week doing writing exercises to figure her out and they may have worked (which is good news) because I wrote some stuff today that was different and maybe good. However, I can’t really tell anymore what might be good (which is bad news) so I’m not sure if I’ve gone a new and different direction or if I’ve just gone off the reservation for a bit and need to find my way back.

Like I said, strange place to be.

After writing, I tried working visually and came up with very little inspiring and most of it a weird mish mash like this

The collaging took forever and involved so many magazines and so little material that worked, that by the end I just wanted one of these:

So I went to the gym instead. But afterwards I may or may not have eaten something like this for dinner.

Turns out boredom and suffering can be alleviated by cheetos. That’s probably why the tiger/leopard/cheetah thing on the front looks so excited.

And then I tried drawing, which I endeavor never to do because I’m terrible at it. It’s bad enough that I won’t post pictures but I think it speaks to my willingness to do anything to break this creative deadlock.

So, that was my day. I figure I have the suffering and taxing fascinating riddles all covered so I’m looking forward to any kind of pain free high adventure excursions that might be coming my way.

Jen’s coming to town tomorrow. Maybe she’s bringing adventure with her? She does that occasionally…