I’ve gone to look for America

America is:

Uncle Sam

(Be careful his bow tie is really a camera!)

America is beer on a hot summer day

Trader jose beer

America is: yellow beer + blue water = green beer.

green beer

(Very America, but for a different holiday…)

America is: face stuffing

hot dog eating contest

The hot dog eating winner (Gus) took the crown by consuming 8 foot long hot dogs with a minimum of “excessive bun debris.”

America is: people who put their hands in the air to catch any free thing flung at them

Gimme a T-shirt!!

Even when it’s a T-shirt with a picture of this guy…

Mr. hot dog

American is: free “airbrush tattoos” composed of glue and glittter

"Airbrush tattoos"

America is: singularly compelling signs

Fried Treats and Things

I believe this deep fried twinkie (definitely a “thing”) is part of a long running quest that began in Scotland over a decade ago.

Deep fried twinkie

What’s more America than deep frying a twinkie and topping it with whipped cream AND powdered sugar?? Nothing. That’s what.

Anticipation in lawn chairs. Very America.

And the moon rose over an open field…

FireworksAll this America? I’ll take it. Any day.

Happy 4th, ya’ll!

Me and Noelle