The Bushwick Collective, pt 1

The Bushwick Collective – Brooklyn, NY

In 2012 Joseph Ficalora,¬†heir to the GCM Steel business, grew tired of fighting graffiti artists and white washing their work off his building walls. He googled “street art,” picked some artists he liked and emailed them to ask if they wanted to come paint murals in his neighborhood. International artists from all over the world responded and so began New York’s premiere outdoor street art gallery known as The Bushwick Collective, which Ficalora dedicates to the memory of his parents.¬†Ficalora’s story is heartfelt and pretty great. You can read it here.

I visited the Bushwick Collective this weekend and was blown away by the array of art, from massive gorgeous murals by famous painters to small clever wheatpaste pieces by local artists.

I came around the corner, saw that vibrant purple paint and the glimpse of a skull and I knew it was D*Face

Art by D*Face – The Bushwick Collective, NY

I could wish for a better picture without trees and trucks… but I’ve loved his pop art zombies since I first saw him in Las Vegas

Art by D*face – Las Vegas, NV

Art by D*face – Las Vegas, NV

And in Reykjavik, Iceland

Art by D*face – Reykjavik, Iceland

I also found Pixel Pancho, who paints the most wistful romantic robots

Art by Pixel Pancho – Bushwick Collective, NY


I’ve also seen his work in Las Vegas and particularly love these robots in love with the option for 24-hour prime rib

Art by Pixel Pancho – Las Vegas, NV

I love his take on A-I, as something transcendent instead of terrifying

There were a few artists new to me, like Louis Masai who raises awareness of vulnerable and endangered animal species as part of his “Art of Beeing” national street art campaign. This is the New England Cottontail Rabbit

Art by Louis Masai – The Bushwick Collective, NY

And the Bog Turtle

Art by Louis Masai – The Bushwick Collective, NY

Japanese fashionista Lady Aiko is also new to me and I loved this graphic digital-esque mural of hers

Art by Lady Aiko – The Bushwick Collective, NY

I’ve found Stik’s figures other places in New York and I always his enjoy his mural placements.

Art by Stik, Danielle Mastrion and Michel Velt – The Bushwick Collective, NY

Location, location…

Art by Stik – New York, NY

This little pirate warmed my heart, a collaboration between Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks

Art by Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks – The Bushwick Collective, NY

These two guys do a lot of art celebrating kids and their imaginations. I’d love to see more of their work.

And finally, a beautiful tribute to Keith Haring, whose work I wish I’d been able to see on the streets.

Art by Owen Dippie – The Bushwick Collective, NY

These pieces are but a drop in the street art bucket of Brooklyn. I’ll post more pics later this week.



Stories for Later

I’m not sure what this means, but I’m pretty sure the words Alien and Fresh and Jerky don’t belong on the same sign:

The pool at the Golden Nugget, with a minimal representation of the fat old ladies in regrettable swimwear:

The show we saw. I have a lot of opinions about Cirque de Soleil, I’ll get into them later. Maybe tomorrow?

The old strip, I think this was “American Pie” but it looks more like Mick Jagger:

Lorien’s “C’mon, seriously?” look:

The kind of pictures that get taken in Vegas with strangers at midnight:

People that aren’t KISS…:

with boots that I love:

Lorien tried to take a picture of me and then said “You never smile in pictures! Will you at least flirt with me or something so i can get a good picture of you??!”

It’s 3AM. That seems like a good time to go to bed in Vegas. Don’t you agree?