Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye to great breakfasts

Silver City

cute babies who endure mardi gras photo shoots

Kate Marie White

And their older sisters who enjoy it a little more

Silver City, NM

To domesticity

Silver City, NM

Silver City, NM

Silver City, NM

To Mad Hatter bridal showers

Silver City, NM

That migrate to the Buffalo Bar

Silver City, NM

Goodbye to all that and the lovely people of Silver City. It’s been an amazing month and I can’t wait to come back!

Until then,

Hello, Roatan.

Roatan, Honduras

It’s gonna be all diving and islands and adventure for the next 5 months. Stay tuned!

The Calm Before the Storm

A lazy sunday with the Barretts in Louisiana starts with coffee on the porch of The Camp, overlooking Moss Lake

Moss Lake, LA

Lake Charles, LA

Several hours later, it progresses to Chris and Stephanie’s on the banks of the Contraband Bayou

Lake Charles, LA

where I expect to see a pirate ship at any moment but instead got a gator

A relaxed game of washers continues unabated

Lake Charles, LA

Light a fire

Lake Charles, LA

open some wine

Perhaps the less said about the pomegranate tequila the better…

Except for these empty glasses and smiling faces!

Lake Charles, LA

Play with the dog, Loux

Lake Charles, LA

Watch the sun set over the bayou

Lake Charles, LA

And finish the night with Bev’s amazing gumbo

Lake Charles, LA

The secret: use deer sausage and don’t skimp on the butter!

And the piece de resistance, Mardi Gras cupcakes:

Lake Charles, LA

Because the Mardi Gras madness starts tonight!

Brace yo’selves…

Super Witch is having a baby!

Normally baby showers aren’t my deal. I find them too cutesy with the hats made of wrapping paper and the silly games. However, my friend Missy invited me to her baby shower and I like her and her husband Jeremiah

Aren’t they cute? So I told her I’d go.

Missy and I met about 6 years ago on an opera version of Macbeth. In opera, the non-singing parts are called supernumeraries. In Macbeth, the female supernumeraries were witches all gussied up in vintage black and white dresses and veils. Missy was a super-witch and I was the super-witch dresser.

The opera ran for a week in Tucson and a weekend in Phoenix and I had a great time with the super-witches, drinking at Irish bars after the show and acting completely inappropriate on several occasions.

Since then, Missy and I have stayed in touch while I went on tour and she went to China and when I came back through AZ on my epic road trip, I spent Easter with her and Jeremiah and we went to the roller derby.

This girl clearly has good taste in friends because her girl friends threw her a dinner baby shower open to couples and kids and served “Breakfast for Dinner.”

With tater tots and pigs in blankets. How great is that?

Plus her friends are cool. I love going to a party where I know 2 people and staying much longer than I’d intended because I’m meeting really interesting people.

And when the mom-to-be proves that she can still do splits?

Then you know it’s the Best. Baby. Shower. Ever.

Happy baby shower Missy and Jeremiah! Can’t wait to meet Baby P.W.!