Progressive Dinner on Chicago’s Randolph Street

I’m finally out of the Southwest! And in Chicago for a little less than a week, predictably crazed as I try to see all my friends and eat the entire city. This post is a thursday throw back to 2014┬áduring the polar vortex when the Chicago river looked like this And my friends Corey, Matt, […]

Breakfast at Brennan’s

I know it’s hard to believe that we would wake up from a 5 (7?) course progressive dinner and be hungry for breakfast but it happened. And┬áBrennan’s gets a lot of press for their breakfasts so we thought, why not? Why not follow a 5/7 course meal with a 3 course breakfast less than 12 […]

Bourbon House for Oysters and Champagne

New city + impossible list of food recommendations = progressive dinner For people who always have more restaurant recommendations than they have time, progressive dinners are the perfect solution. Why eat three courses in one restaurant when you can eat in three courses in three different restaurants? You have better plans for an evening? Please. […]

Green Goddess for a Bacon Sundae

Corey sent me a link about this bacon sundae when we first planned our New Orleans trip, so there was no question that Green Goddess would be our dessert destination. I mean, come on! Look at this deliciousness! Don’t you want to catch that drip of caramel and lick it off your finger? My only […]