Buffalo to Kennebunkport

Spring is the time of plans and projects – Leo Tolstoy Truer words… I just left my job with Phantom of the Opera in Buffalo and took off on a road trip to Maine for a few days.  Weirdly, this trip is eerily similar to that time 3 years ago that I closed South Pacific and took a long epic road […]

King Cake, Pralines and the last of Louisiana

It all started here With its inexplicable rules and improvised confessionals A shout out to the bar we visited several times during Mardi Gras because they have a “taco truck” serving late night food in the back It’s a uniquely NOLA experience to wade through the massive dancing throng in a reggae bar and order […]

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Parades

  Starts with the Zulus These floats are no joke Hey mister, throw me something! And progresses to Rex, The King of the Carnival And his lieutenants Butterfly King? Find the hidden riders in the float! Boeuf Gras, represents the feasting of Fat Tuesday We got a lot of throws from these guys Not just […]


My favorite Spanish breakfast Tortilla Espagnole is eggs and potatoes and this one they layered with ham and cheese. They serve it room temperature and I still love it. Hemingway spent quite a bit of time in Pamplona over the years and we ate breakfast at Cafe Iruna, his hang out place to write and […]

A taste of Madrid

Breakfast: Cafe con leche and Churros Dip! Madrid architecture runs to buildings with huge brick facades decorated with gorgeous iron balconies and lamp posts surrounding central squares. Hard to photograph. Each square  anchors a neighborhood. Cafes put out tables, street artists perform and the place teems with people at night. Snack? Straight from the USA? […]

Bienvenidos a Madrid!

It’s been a long travel day. Enough said. But you made it to Spain! It’s noon, let’s start with the good stuff, like olive oil in a jug. Perhaps you’ll enjoy eggs scrambled with cuttlefish ink – turning them an appetizing grey… – and then topped with fried cuttlefish?? I’m hearing a no. (which was […]