Roadside Attractions in Northern AZ

My favorite road trip website of all time is Roadside America, which likely started with a couple of guys driving down Route 66 taking pictures of whales and teepees, visiting folk artists in their mad castles  and wondering why there are so many Paul Bunyon statues in America. I totally made that history up but it seems completely reasonable. […]

Why my baby soul doesn’t like plane trips…

After 18 straight months of touring and flying almost every week, I found that plane flights made me feel “displaced” for days afterward. Like I’m partially in the last city and partially in the new city. The writer William Gibson – and others – say this feeling is caused by your soul traveling separately from […]

Awards, observations and more rain

Woke up this morning to the smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls. I had breakfast with my aunt and uncle while my uncle mapped out the next few days of my trip for me and printed out directions (thanks uncle John!) and then my cousin Kimberly and her two little girls came over. Is there […]

Crazy rich people and Bikram lessons

Left NYC covered in snow like a winter wonderland. I planned to stay in the DC area with my cousin, Tracy, but I had a few things I wanted to see on the way. Namely the Mercer Museum in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure if you know this, but the world is full of crazy people. […]