Best of Berlin with MJH, pt 2

By no means is this the best of everything in Berlin. But it’s definitely the best of my last week with Matt and includes some of my favorite things in Berlin. Part 1 is here. 1. Currywurst I do love currywurst. Who can argue with a street snack so simple as cut up sausage covered in tomatoey curry […]

Best of Berlin with MJH, pt 1

Having Matt here right at the end of my Berlin stay means that I get to revisit all my favorite places in Berlin and hit the last remaining high points before I jet out of town. Here are a few highlights from the past couple days: 1. Reichstag Building The Reichstag dome is in my top 10 sites […]

MJH in Berlin

Matt made it to Berlin! And despite flying for 6 hours and arriving at 1am his time, fielding a new country, currency and language and making his way to downtown Berlin to find my apartment, he had a less eventful morning than I did. It’s been so dry here that I woke up with a bloody […]

Food Markets and Rooftop Bars in Berlin

Berliner Sundays are all about food, music, flea markets and being outside. Neue Heimat is a former railroad depot that became an artist squat and now has been repurposed as an outdoor Village Market serving food and selling goods from around the world against some of most colorful backgrounds I’ve ever seen. I could not get over these walls Or […]

Berlin’s May Day

  April 30 is known as Walpurgisnacht or Witch’s Night. It’s a pagan night of bonfires and fertility rites, like American Halloween, and celebrated with giant parties all over Europe. They call May 1 Germany’s Labor Day. Back in 1889 Karl Marx called it International Worker’s Day. Historically these were two different events. But in Berlin […]

Sony Center and Berlin Filmmuseum

Sony is (obviously) a Japanese company and yet here we are at their European headquarters in Berlin, under a roof designed to look like Mount Fuji in a building that Sony no longer owns because they sold it to German and US investors. I find that a curious blend of multinationalism. But the Sony Center complex is […]

The Light and the Dark in Berlin

The sun came out today! I had museum plans but I think it’s supposed to rain for the rest of the weekend so I opted to be outside on the River Spree. I have a fondness for boat cruises and with the sun out, it seemed like a good choice. Of course it wasn’t exactly warm – […]

The Reichstag Building in Berlin

Everyone told me that Berlin would be cloudy and rainy but for the past week there’s been so much sun that I actually got a light sunburn! Until today… which is cloudy and rainy. Not the best conditions to visit the Reichstag, which looks rather gloomy and foreboding in this (or perhaps any) weather. The […]

Touring around Berlin

I have been without a decent map! For a normal person in a big, foreign city that’s ridiculous unless aimless wandering is the point. With my abysmal sense of direction, it’s absurd. My natural state is aimless wandering. I need physical help to stay on course. My lack of direction dates back to my childhood. […]

The Remains of the Berlin Wall

Woke up at 5am today. That’s progress. I’ve also found my internet router and reset it. Thanks to everyone who was concerned with my health and wellbeing… :) With my newly restored internet I spent my early morning trawling my way through a heap of Berlin expat blogs hoping to find some interesting people in […]