Anti-Trump Street Art in Washington DC

Washington DC is an incredibly angry city right now.


Washington DC street art

In the world of street art, sticker slaps and wheat paste stick-ups are the most fleeting forms, easily put up and easily removed. They’re also the most powerful voices in political street art right now.


Washington DC street art

Political art can easily cross a line and come off simply inflammatory, but I found these “woodcut” stencil pieces compelling.


Washington DC street art

And this piece as well


Washington DC Street Art

And then a selection of simpler pieces that make a very direct point


Washington DC Street Art

Washington DC Street Art

Washington DC Street Art

Washington DC Street Art

Washington DC Street Art

I have yet to see any pro-Trump street art. If you know of any, let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Street Art in Washington DC

    • Jamie, this is fascinating. Thanks for forwarding it. Sabo seems as inflammatory and single minded as some of the leftist artwork I’ve seen. I’d be very curious to see his work on the street and assess how people respond to it.

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