More of Dresden

Frauenkirche Dresden

The Frauenkirche dome looks intimidatingly high but “climbing” it means taking an elevator up to that lower dome and then trekking the rest of the way. It’s an interesting hike because, like the Reichstag, it’s a ramp that runs around the inside of the dome circling an inner glass wall and giving you a glimpse down into the church far below.


After that ramp circling, it’s just one steep long spiral staircase and then the upper dome with views all across Dresden

Views over Dresden

Views across Dresden

The wind was fierce but I had to try for a selfie

Kaitlyn Dresden

Yes, that’s hair in my eye :)

Dresden is a much prettier city from above than Berlin. It’s fun to be in an old school European city with palaces and old architectural styles, even if they are reconstructions or blends of all possible styles.


I came down from the tower and finished my walkabout, walking under sky bridges that connect the palaces so royalty doesn’t have to mix with the common folk to visit each other

Sky bridge Dresden

And then went over the Augustus Bridge. The day before I had gone down into the park for a little lounge by the Elbe River, the perfect spring time activity. Look at the difference in the grey sky above and the sky below… That’s changeable springtime in Germany for you.

Elbe River

Elbe River

Springtime calls for ice cream at Eiscafe Venezia

Eiscafe Venezia Dresden

Ok, it’s mostly fruit  – obstsalat – because I don’t love ice cream. But there’s vanilla ice cream underneath there! And a mid afternoon cappuccino like civilized folk do.

I finished my tour with a walk down the Hauptstrasse, the main street in Dresden’s New City.

Hauptstrasse Dresden

Unlike the Old City across the river, Dresden’s New City was mostly untouched by the firebombing but it’s also full of boring Soviet-era architecture so it’s not nearly as picturesque. However, this street is lovely and placid and all the shopping is over here, as are the better restaurants.

And that was pretty much the end of my Dresden day! I was feeling pretty good about this whole Dresden minibreak until I tried to get home and was informed that no trains were running. Apparently the Train Workers union is on strike this week? What the hell, Germany!  And after I just celebrated your labor day too!

I waited for a train that never arrived and thus missed a bus intended to replace the train, got scheduled on another bus, went to bus station but was told my bus was not there (Deutschebahn?? Nein! Nein!) so I missed that bus, desperately wished I spoke German, back to the train station, got scheduled on yet another bus and finally got on it while it was parked in front of a car rental place… naturally. Don’t know why that hadn’t occurred to me.

I eventually got back to Berlin but it took about 6 hours longer than I anticipated. At least i got home. And it seems it wouldn’t be a trip abroad without some kind of bus drama…

Now I’m back in my little temporary home and I have a wine tasting tonight! More about Berlin tomorrow.

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