Goodbye to Chicago

Chicago Skyline

5 days went quick!  And this is my last morning in my favorite city.

A shout out to Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe

A tiny place in University Village run by two former UIC students and with the most incredible banh mi sandwiches.

Lotus Cafe 2

Fresh toasty bread, thin buttery pork slices and all that greenery? Incredible. I traveled quite far for that sandwich and it was worth it.

Also to Balena


Where I had a luscious burrata (in even more luscious light) and conversation with my friend Rob. Balena is right next door to the Royal George Theatre and across the street from the Steppenwolf, making it the perfect pre or post show stop.

I tried Maude’s Liquor Bar, a charming little French place on Randolph Street

Maude's Liquor Bar

It’s a tiny easy to miss place with a dark door that’s not well marked by GPS. The entrance is actually right on Randolph Street by the burger bar.

I met my friend Lisa there and we shared a number of small plates, including mussels, smashed potatoes and this incredibly colorful shaved vegetable salad

Maude's Liquor Bar shaved salad

So delicious! As was the conversation and the company. Lisa is one of my favorite dining companions and I always come away from our conversations thinking more deeply about where I want my life to go.

Up in Roger’s Park I went to Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground

A restaurant  committed to operating as green-ly as possible. They have an organic farm on their roof! I ate here with Julian and Kristin, college friends of mine whom I adore. We all started in theatre together and have taken that training in very different directions. It’s remarkable to know people for 20 years, see their lives unfold and enjoy their company even more than I did 20 years ago. I’m lucky with my friends.

And while that’s not all, that’s all you get of Chicago this trip.


Bye bye Chi-town. See you in awhile.

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