Casa Hood in Banos, Ecuador

Banos Ecuador

An odd sounding name in English but it comes from the owner’s last name so it properly translates as Hood’s House.

Casa Hood is a popular restaurant in Banos and travelers flock here for a lot of reasons. It’s one of the few vegetarian friendly restaurants in the country and offers ethnic cuisine like this “Mexican” breakfast/dinner option with potatoes, black beans, fried egg and a tomato salad.

Banos, Ecuador

And the Hindu curry that Jules got, which was a really good medley of yellows and just spicy enough to warrant the addition of banana.

Casa Hood, Banos

The waiters speak English, there’s a book exchange library

Banos, Ecuador

though there are some odd rules and regulations around the exchanges. The books are available for rent, however, so if you’re in Banos long enough that might be a viable option.

Overall this restaurant is charming with a bar in the next room, interesting art and live music on the weekend.

Banos, Ecuador

This is also a great place to meet other travelers; so if you’re in Banos, check out Casa Hood. You can even order chips and guacamole (and it’s pretty good) and trust me, you won’t see that anywhere else in Ecuador!

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