Ziplining in Mindo, Ecuador

Mindo, Ecuador

Neither Jules nor I had ever ziplined before but Mindo is the perfect place for to try it since they’re right near the Cloud Forest. We were staying at Bellavista so they organized the event through Mindo Ropes and Canopy Tours, which had 10 lines all at different heights and lengths.

I don’t know how ziplining works in other places, but in Mindo there’s a lot of freedom (and encouragement) to go a little wild.

Mindo, Ecuador

hang upside down

Mindo, Ecuador

Go tandem with your friends

Mindo, Ecuador

And bring your camera along so you can document the view from the line

Mindo, Ecuador

The guides love it if you agree to go “Superman” or try the Mariposa

Mindo, Ecuador

I’d totally recommend Mindo Ropes and Canopy Tours. Their guides are fun, the equipment is in great shape and it’s a great 2 hours worth of adrenaline filled flying through the jungle.

But look out for the kangaroo line… It’s a surprise so that’s all I can say!

Mindo, Ecuador

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