Bellavista in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest

Nanegalito, Ecuador

Getting to Bellavista involves taking a bus to Nanegalito and then catching a pickup truck (camioneta) up the dirt road and deep into the jungle. The lodge is located on the southern edge of the Amazonian rain forest and it’s quite isolated, so be prepared to eat all your meals there and organize most of your activities through their staff.

Nanegalito, Ecuador

The lodge itself is beautifully built out of wood and bamboo with lots of windows and balconies so the forest is visible from every room.

Nanegalito, Ecuador

It’s at high altitude so it was cold and rainy the whole time we were there but that made for beautiful clouds.

Nanegalito, Ecuador

And gorgeous rain drenched foliage

Nanegalito, Ecuador

Birding is the main attraction in the cloud forest

Nanegalito, Ecuador

Jules prefers her birding with wine, which we call Happy Hour Birding. Get into it!

Bellavista, Ecuador

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