La Mitad del Mundo

Breakfast should never be neglected when planning a visit to the Middle of the World.

Quito, Ecuador

I rarely eat cold cereal but I have fond memories of the cornflakes in South America. They’re corn-ier than American flakes.

Jules made a teeny tiny list of directions so we could leave the guidebook at the hotel. The journey involved several buses and cabs and cost about 9 dollars. Total.

Quito, Ecuador

The Middle of the World was calculated in by French scientists in 1736 or perhaps by the Incas much earlier. Maybe the location isn’t correct anymore or maybe it’s all about your perspective and your methodology. Or maybe it’s just a really big monument.

San Antonia de Pichincha, Ecuador

No one seems to know for sure. They built a small monument and then thought the middle of the earth required something grander so they moved the small monument to Calacali, resulting in two middle of the earth monuments. Separated by 7km. And maybe neither of them are entirely accurate.

Calacali, Ecuador

There may or may not also be a museum in the middle of the world.

It’s all very confusing.

One thought on “La Mitad del Mundo

  1. The moved monument is hilarious. Especially when you see the humble original looking so quaint and pastoral after the imposing monolith of its replacement = D

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