The B Line

Tucson, AZ

I’ve been to B Line before but never for breakfast. It’s a charming little cafe with a simple breakfast menu of a few crepe and egg dishes as well as several sandwich options. Since they have a killer pastry selection including some really delicious looking pies, I opted for a simple breakfast sandwich with chiptole salsa

Tucson, AZ

Tomato, egg and cheese + Book + Coffee = Delight

Tucson, AZ

And 4 berry pie with real whipped cream = Extra Delight

Tucson, AZ

All B Line’s food is great, as is their parent company’s food at Time Market (home of the best tuna sandwich in Tucson) . I love that B Line makes their pastries in house and they have beer on tap.

Tucson, AZ

It’s the perfect place for a lazy morning. Order something decadent, get a seat by the window and watch the 4th Avenue pageantry pass by.

3 thoughts on “The B Line

  1. I so want to like B Line. When I walk by, I think “Ah — that looks nice.” But I’ve been there four or five times over the years and never leave thinking “Wow, that was really nice.” I always leave thinking “Wow, that food was mediocre and three people were sitting in my lap.” I must have bad B Line karma.

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