Dinner at Om Modern Asian Kitchen

Appetizers included steamed lobster dumplings, which I liked but didn’t love. The wonton wrapper was a bit thick for the filling.

Om Modern Asian Kitchen

But this tuna poki salad was fantastic and included goat cheese and green apples.

Om Modern Asian Kitchen

Salmon sashimi is my favorite sushi option and I love the curved glass dish.

Om Modern Asian Kitchen

I also love any restaurant where I can order Aji.

Om Modern Asian Kitchen

I think this was our salmon skin roll…

Om Modern Asian Kitchen

I’m not sure why bananas foster is a common dessert option for Asian restaurants, but it is. This was a nice version of it.

Om Modern Asian Kitchen

Om offers elegantly presented Asian fusion food. I’ve eaten a lot of sushi in the Tucson area and most of it is very good but served in a casual environment. I would go back to Om’s restaurant of “Zen urban chic” when I want something a little more upscale.

Go to Om because summer’s coming and cold fresh sushi takes the edge off of the heat.

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