Opa! for Greek Food

Tucson, AZ

Opa! is a popular Greek restaurant in Tucson with a curious name. Because they’re located on Campbell amidst other popular restaurants and bars, I thought perhaps they drafted off the popularity of their neighbors or they featured water slides and pinball games to fulfill the Fun quotient.

I didn’t see a single water slide so I’m still unsure about the Fun part; however, I’m pleased to say that Opa!’s food is great.

This plate of pita and dipping sauces arrived when we sat down

Tucson, AZ

the Greek version of the basket of tortilla chips, I think. The sauces are yogurt/cucumber tzatziki and a bean dip that wasn’t almost hummus but less smooth and more liquid.

They offer Greek beers, mostly light lagers. I got Alfa on the server’s recommendation and liked it.

Tucson, AZ

It reminded me a little of Grolsch with an almost honey like aftertaste.

We ordered two wraps and split them, the falafel and the roasted eggplant

Tucson, AZ

They each came with greek salad and rice.

I LOVED the eggplant, all smoky and chargrilled but was less impressed with the falafel which was dry and crumbly.

Jules and I stayed for hours talking our faces off and the servers didn’t make a single motion to evacuate us and instead just kept refilling our water glasses. I appreciate restaurant staff that don’t get antsy when my dinner stretches out an impossibly long time.

I like Opa! It’s a cool casual place for really decent Greek food and I’d eat dinner there anytime.

I recommend you do the same!

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