Laverna’s Coffee Shop in Tucson

I’ve lived in Tucson off and on for years and had never been to Laverna’s until this year.

Tucson, AZ

I think I’m the only person in town that can say that because both times I’ve been there it was SO crowded that I had an impossible time finding a table or getting service.

When I got it, the food was good.

Tucson, AZ

Standard diner fare, good hash browns. However, the waitresses are so crazy busy and in the weeds that they forget things and you’re lucky if you get a coffee refill, though they’re apologetic about it.

I know about the waitresses work load first hand because I sat at the bar both times I went there. The bar overlooks the kitchen pass thru

Tucson, AZ

Terrible picture, I know. That blurry figure in the back is the owner, Rosa, expediting. The pass thru area is where the waitresses congregate, Rosa yells at them, the waitresses get all frazzled and at least one of them bursts into tears during a breakfast service. As a former waitress, it gives me flashbacks and makes me anxious to see it all so close up. But on the other hand, there’s never a free table; so, there I sit with a front row seat to the meltdown.

I don’t know. The food is good but I’m not sure I can handle the atmosphere. I wish I could advise on a time when it’s less insane but I have no idea when that might be.

If you can handle the fast paced world of hash slinging, go to Laverna’s. Nothing perks up a Saturday morning like pancakes with a side of drama.

2 thoughts on “Laverna’s Coffee Shop in Tucson

  1. My friend Mary and I have meeting here for breakfast for years. It’s her go-to place. Never saw the appeal, myself, but they do have a devoted following = )

    • I reached into the recesses of my memory where I found a vague suggestion that maybe you and I came here a long time ago. The only reason I remember that is because you said the building looked like a widget factory and I didn’t know what a widget was… :)

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