May’s Counter for Breakfast

Happy late St. Patrick’s day!

Tucson, AZ

St. Paddy’s day is associated with many things but none of them involve good looking food. This St. Paddy’s day breakfast is no exception.

Tucson, AZ

Yes, that’s a green waffle.

My breakfast didn’t look much better

Tucson, AZ

Corned beef hash, eggs, grits and a biscuit the size of my truck.

I took a friend of mine to May’s Counter for breakfast because she happened to be in Tucson on March 17th. I’d been to May’s before and they have great outdoor seating, cheerful speedy service and giant plates of food.

The biscuit was the best part of my meal, tender and falling apart and clearly made with plenty of butter. I didn’t love the corned beef hash, even though it was made in house. I like hash with bigger chunks of meat and potatoes and maybe onions. This was shredded hash browns mixed with bits of corned beef.

And, as I remembered this weekend, their breakfast options are rather uninspired and there’s little to no attention paid to the presentation. Plus their coffee isn’t that good. I think dinner is where they excel. I know they have live music occasionally, their dinner menu is more extensive and interesting and the fried chicken is great.

I don’t know that I’d recommend them for breakfast. I like them enough to go back for dinner, but don’t take out-of-town guests. It’s not a place that impresses.

Tucson, AZ

Tomorrow: yoga thoughts. I know! It’s been forever! I’ve been saving up all the good stuff.

See you then.

2 thoughts on “May’s Counter for Breakfast

  1. I’ve taken up regular yoga again, and I think of your posts when the teacher says something about feeling our breath or the like.

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