King Cake, Pralines and the last of Louisiana

It all started here

New Orleans, LA

With its inexplicable rules

New Orleans, LA

and improvised confessionals

New Orleans, LA

A shout out to the bar we visited several times during Mardi Gras because they have a “taco truck” serving late night food in the back

New Orleans, LA

It’s a uniquely NOLA experience to wade through the massive dancing throng in a reggae bar and order yourself a quesadilla and a beer to go.

Another uniquely NOLA experience? Pralines

New Orleans, LA

Don’t get them packaged in plastic. Order them sweet, crunchy, warm and fresh from a counter. So delicious it makes your teeth hurt!

I chased down this King Cake, because Mardi Gras requires King Cake

New Orleans, LA

Even though this one had no baby. Gypped!

A salute to road beer silos

New Orleans, LA

And the boys who joined me


New Orleans, LA


New Orleans, LA


New Orleans, LA

And to an amazing trip.

Au revoir, N’awlins! We’ll be back, don’t you worry. And until then

New Orleans, LA

Peace out.

New Orleans, LA

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