Slim Goodies Diner for Breakfast

New Orleans, LA

Who is Slim Goodie? Why does that egg have wings? Would we have loved this breakfast half as much if we hadn’t been starving AND traveled over an hour and a half from one end of New Orleans to the other AND utilized both the bus and the streetcar to get here?

So many questions.

I do know this, I’ve taken a lot of breakfast pictures that make me happy but this one’s my new favorite.

New Orleans, LA

A table crossword puzzle done in ink and showing many differences of opinion, one single pancake to share as a breakfast appetizer, my coffee cup on its 5th fill, a g i a n t plate of delicious food and (unseen) a locked front door because we were the last customers served that day.

That’s shrimp etouffee on top of eggs on top of spinach on top of potato pancakes with the ohsoclever name “Jewish Coonass.” Yep. Howzabout it?

And this pancake?

New Orleans, LA

Sweet potato. And just about the best pancake I’ve ever put in my mouth. Most of the Slim Goodie reviews online mention this pancake, so here’s another one:  It’s light, fluffy and just sweet and nutty enough.  It’s bonkers delicious. Order it.

I don’t know why the Slim Goodie egg has wings but I recommend you follow it. And then eat it.

New Orleans, LA

PS: There were men in lucha libre masks staring down at me from the bathroom wall. I found that… curious.

4 thoughts on “Slim Goodies Diner for Breakfast

  1. I am slim goodies

    When I was 16 my sister and I where on our way to Boubon street when we met a gentalman of the evening standing in a door way
    He wanted to chat and bein young and explorative we obliged him
    He started off with a friendly conversation which turned quickly into a pick up rambling that was to the best of my memory something like this:
    P why fonts you come for a rides wit me
    Me I’m sorry I dont need a ride
    P I gots a cadalac
    Me I have my own cadalac
    P I gots an eldorado
    Me I have a fleet wood
    P I gots a convertable
    Me I have crushed velvet seats

    With that he gave me a long look up and down as if I were a tall candy stick and he said ” if you ride in the front seat of my Cadillac I will call you my slim goodie”
    With that my sister and I have a laugh so hard we might have peed our pants

    So we decided the. We would have a bar when we grew up and we would call it slim goodies
    No bar but diner name is cool too

    Now the eggs have wings because my dad said if I were to stay in business those eggs would have to fly out of the door
    And now they do

    Thanks for the review
    Next time your in town breakfast is on me

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