A Day Off in Pittsburgh

Touring days off always start late, they’re usually in a new city

and they frequently involve Mexican food or Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

Pittsburgh PA

Don’t ask me, I don’t make the rules.

However, margaritas are welcome.

Pittsburgh PA

Especially if they’re interesting shi-shi margaritas involving basil and grapefruit juice.

Thus fortified, take a walk around and see the sights

Altar Bar Pittsburgh

Investigate ticket prices and decide $65 is too much, even to see Snoop Dogg on a Monday night in a converted church/bar.

Move on to other curious inexplicables, like “Randyland

Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh PA

Which looks a lot like other repurposed trash fiestas in far flung parts of the country.

On Randy’s urging, follow the white rabbit inside:

Pittsburgh PA

And admire his collections

Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh PA

Randy promises to come back, but doesn’t. Which is a bit sad. The only thing better than an upcycled garden of delights in the middle of suburbia is meeting the creator and asking my ever present question “Why???”

Pittsburgh PA

Then again, is there ever an adequate answer to that question?

Pittsburgh PA

Ryan’s watery visage says “No.”

2 thoughts on “A Day Off in Pittsburgh

  1. ok…now i’m gonna be jealous of your life. when you day starts off with such a yummy looking margarita and such delicious tacos…AND you get to look through someone else’s junk?? jealous.

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