Crepes vs. Waffles in Cincinnati

It appears that Cincinnati-ers (Cincinnati-ites?) are crazy about crepes.

That’s a lot of alliteration.

Ryan and I went out looking for breakfast one morning and decided to try It’s Just Crepes because it was close-ish to our hotel and they say they’re “The Only Place for Crepes!” So where else you gonna go?

Besides, Ryan has a lower tolerance for greasy diners than I do and he actually insists on vegetables once and awhile. I try to humor him.


And who doesn’t love a crepe? It’s a big envelope of deliciousness. They’re even better when you get to watch someone making them.Cincinnati

It’s breakfast and a show! Hard to beat that.

I got the Benedict

It's Just Crepes

I figured I wouldn’t like the hollandaise so I got it on the side. Hollandaise is a hard sauce to make well and I don’t like most people’s versions.

Spinach, eggs, ham… The whole thing was solidly ok. Nothing I’d cross town to get again, but ok.

But then the next day we decided to try  Taste of Belgium, the home of the Authentic Waffle.

Waffle. It’s on the sign.


We expected a wide selection of waffles and instead got… crepes.


I know. It’s confusing. It turns out that a place that advertises waffles has a small selection of waffle options. Is that weird?

Yeah, I thought so.


Note Ryan’s vegetables and the photogenic arrangement of his breakfast. He’s out of control.

But here’s the good news, the crepes were outstanding! Buckwheat crepes, locally sourced meat, high quality all around. Much better than It’s Just Crepes and shockingly good given we just expected waffles.

Lest you think we’re falling down on our breakfast duties, we got a waffle too.


I call this Breakfast dessert.

It was good. Outstanding? Perhaps not. Better than the crepe? Not at all. But solidly ok.

So basically, what I think I’m saying it this:

1. If you want a good crepe, go to the waffle place.

2. Advertising in Cincinnati restaurants is suspect. Proceed with caution.

3. I’m open to suggestions for good waffles.

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