A Toast, to Toast!

I’ve written frequently about my love of breakfast but I think this picture epitomizes all my loves:

Chicago, IL

A snowy vista of crème brulee French toast with a mimosa standing guard on a corner table in one of the best neighborhoods of my favorite city.

With one of my favorite people.

What’s not to love? And if you aren’t entranced by that, allow me to seduce you with the rest of our breakfast:

Chicago IL

Pesto scrambled eggs and an omelette lorraine with more toast – cuz you gotta – and coffee for days.

It’s the perfect breakfast after a magical night on the town that started in the old neighborhood and may have included a startling proposition and the promise of Cartier from a Chairman in Dubai.

But that’s a story for much much later. Over drinks. And music. Maybe here?

Chicago IL

Because one of my favorite things is a story-worthy evening followed by a picture perfect breakfast.

A toast, to Toast!

Chicago IL

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