Detroit – The Former City

I’ve never seen an emptier city than this one. 


No people anywhere


They could film Walking Dead here and they wouldn’t even need to block off streets.


Just add zombies and frantic humans somewhere in this area


I got all excited when I saw this group of people by the water


But they’re statues…

Makes me a little sad actually. This used to be a great city and now it’s almost completely abandoned.

But at least we got blue skies in December. This is as close as we got to snow.


6 thoughts on “Detroit – The Former City

  1. Wow, who would know that someplace as well known as Detroit would be like this. Maybe you missed the “Go to the bomb shelter” announcement.

  2. Wow is right! That’s really kind of creepy. Great shots, though. I know the mayor’s plan was to contract, pull-in, let the outlying areas die off to revitalize the core. Don’t know where it stands, but from the looks of things, the sooner the better. By the way, you’re missing cold and rain back in Tucson. Did I say I was sick of summer? I’m rethinking that.

    • We got a lot of rain in Detroit. And a little in Chicago too. It seems that winter is holding off while we’re in the midwest, which is awesome. It’s great walking around weather!

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