Food in Spain

It should come as no surprise that the food in Spain made a big impression on me. If that comes as a surprise you are obviously new to this blog, in which case, Welcome!

I’ll miss the breakfast churros


And the churro makers with windows into their kitchens


Offset the grease with some fresh squeezed juice. It comes in every imaginable combination


Tapas, of course. I applaud the American restaurants that offer tapas style food because my ideal dinner includes a few bites of a dozen things instead of a dozen bites of one thing.

SpainChorizo braised in apple cider.

SpainAsparagus grilled with olive oil and salt

Anchovies and basil on grilled bread

And speaking of bread. It’s everywhere. With everything. Grilled and smeared with tomato and garlic


Delivered fresh every morning in big crates




Eat it with paella


Alongside things you’ve never seen before

SpainI thought maybe these were Dragon claws, but it turns out they’re gooseneck barnacles.

And if the exotic doesn’t appeal, how about some jamon?


Because seriously, ham is the only thing you’ll see more of in Spain than bread. It’s even in bars.


And when you’re all overloaded on salt and grease, cool off with some gelato

SpainThe blue is simply called “Blue ice” so I guess blue is now a flavor.

And speaking of things that are strange, how about this guy


His gelato is so delicious that he’s eating himself.

Oh Spain, I’m gonna miss you. Creepy gelato guys and all…

4 thoughts on “Food in Spain

  1. 1. Tapas and small-plate rule! Thus the need to now experience the 23-course, 3-hour “story” in Chi-town.

    2. Those fresh-squeezed juices look amazing. Are they $7 each?

    3. I don’t think I ever want to be at a bar where I enjoy libations under a couple dozen slabs of dead pig hanging like giant bats above me.

    4. I think the blue flavor is made with Smurfs.

    5. I’ve seen guys do the same thing on X-tube.

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