My favorite Spanish breakfast

Pamplona Spain

Tortilla Espagnole is eggs and potatoes and this one they layered with ham and cheese. They serve it room temperature and I still love it.

Hemingway spent quite a bit of time in Pamplona over the years and we ate breakfast at Cafe Iruna, his hang out place to write and drink. They’ve put a statue of him at his favorite spot at the bar.

Pamplona Spain

We spent most of the day wandering around Pamplona. They have the oldest and most intact citadel in Europe, originally built in 48AD, which they turned into a modern art museum.

Pamplona Spain


This is the famous street curve in the Running of the Bulls route:

Pamplona Spain

I think the bulls rarely have trouble getting around the bend but the humans have a hard time getting out of their way…

Fancy Town Hall, all dressed up


Pamplona Spain

Some tapas


And helado

Pamplona Spain

And we hit the road. Tonight, Zaragoza.

Pamplona Spain

Pamplona Spain

Corey and Kaitlyn, out.

6 thoughts on “Pamplona

    • It’s one of the great things about Spain. The driving around cities 10x my age? Perhaps not my favorite thing. US streets are going to look gigantic when I get back!

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