Downtown Kitchen

Ryan said yesterday that he didn’t understand why we went to the gym when we negate all the work with big decadent dinners.

I counter that we go to the gym so we can eat dinners like the one we had last night at Downtown Kitchen.

Join us?

Start with a salad of frisee, shaved apple slices, goat cheese and candied pecans.

Tucson AZ

Move on to pasta. Soma noodles with ginger and lime topped with chili rubbed tofu

Tucson AZ

Or the Tucson Children’s Museum Garden pasta with burrata, leeks, chard and “whatever’s fresh from the garden”

Tucson AZ

Finish with dessert that tastes as delicious as it looks un-photogenic: Lemon custard cake with blueberry compote and Chantilly cream.

Tucson AZ

Take your time. Enjoy it.

You’ve got all night and there’s nowhere else you need to be.

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