One of my favorite people is visiting this week

Please welcome Ryan McAlpine. He’s pretty excited to meet you.

Ryan and I met on The Producers, which happened to be each of our first tours, and then slogged through the purgatory of Wizard of Oz together. Touring on a rough show can be made better by sharing headphones in a bus station en route to Niagara Falls.

I started Ryan’s visit in Tucson with a search for housing since I’ll be officially homeless as of August 1 and have yet to rectify that situation. One of my potential living options was out in the desert on a dirt road and required me to drive (and shift) my old truck with one hand while getting very sketchy confusing directions over the phone that I held in the other hand. It’s not a situation I’d recommend, especially when the apartment turns out to be a disappointing trifecta of small, dark and remote.

The morning improved over breakfast, as it so often does…

Elvis Waffles

Elvis waffles. Peanut butter, bananas, bacon and maple syrup. Oh, yes.

After which we went up to Sabino Canyon. We rode the tram all the way up and walked the 4 miles back down

and I took pictures of Ryan taking pictures of cactus

We had planned to check out the sunset at Gates Pass but the sky cracked open and dumped a buckets of rain instead

So we just caught the sunset reflected in windows as we drove to dinner.

We tried to eat at Mi Nidito but they had an hour wait at 8pm on Sunday night. So we opted for El Charro where there was no wait but I’d classify our dinner as mediocre. There’s probably a lesson there… I didn’t even bother to take pictures but I promised him better Mexican food before he leaves.

I’m looking forward to a chill out week with him before he flies off to join Les Miserables.

(And I’m still looking for a place to live so if you have a furnished place available in Tucson, call me!)

4 thoughts on “McAlpine

  1. Yay post! How long is Mr. McAlpine here? Friday? I was thinking perhaps a group movie/grub night but am not yet sure what night Adam will be off this week.

    PS: I love the earphones picture = )

    PPS: Reading your posts always makes me want to go out to eat! So many places to eat and drink — I need to start couterfeiting. Have been meaning to try 47 Scott. Feast has sweet potato buttermilk pancakes for brunch for their current/transient menu. KingFisher’s montlhy-changing summer “road trip” menu is always worth checking out and almost over.

    PPPS: Mr. McAlpine might like the gritty authentic Mexican of the original El Guero Cannelo or original BK in South Tucson. Heart-stopping Sonora dogs. For instance.

    • Ryan had the sweet potato pancakes and they were pretty great as well.I plan to take him to BK but he’s vegetarian so he’ll have to find other ways to stop his heart than the Sonoran dog :)
      I haven’t been to Kingfisher in months. I should rectify that. What’s 47 Scott?

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