Show not tell

Dinner for the second night in a row

Redundancy mediated by strange and wondrous statuary

Followed by drinks in a bar with well lit stemware

And a different bar with better graffiti

Who doesn’t want to be a punked out mermaid?

Just me?


Can I challenge you to find the bartender?

Or how about we play an arcade game circa 1987?

I made it to the second level for $.25. Jealous??

Nate isn’t. But he’s now enthroned in second place as NAT

So I dare you to unseat him.

On second thought, this is

So move along… move along…

2 thoughts on “Show not tell

  1. Yuki? Isn’t that Yoshimatsu, dear? I have a lunch meeting there in a couple weeks = )

    So what was the most interesting conversation your brother brought?

    • corrected :)

      Our conversation always centers around “how to get where we need to go.” We mostly talk about travel, books, life goals and relationships but it all comes back to that central question. He and I have differing answers to that question but he’s smart, fully committed to his viewpoints and logical so conversations with him can be long and pleasurable.

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