High Drama

Today I finished those travel itineraries I’ve been working on for a month. They took FOREVER, and so little of it was writing. That’s what’s sad. But I finished the last one today and even though I still have a day or two of editing and back and forth before I can upload it, for tonight I’m actually done!

So I went out to get dinner and drove around Tucson with my windows rolled down because the weather is Gorgeous and then I got myself something decadent

Peanut Butter World

And came home to finish this:

Rebecca Wells

Which I’m still loving even though some of the scenes and characterization have gone into the stratosphere and I occasionally think the main character needs a spanking and a reality check. However, it’s great and I’d recommend it.

I’m also in the middle of this

Season 8

So I’ll watch a couple episodes tonight. Speaking of people of who need spankings and reality checks, season 8 of Project Runway has been quite interesting. Outside of the “overworked artists in a pressure cooker” that is the trademark of Bravo reality TV shows, I find a couple of things remarkable (SPOILER ALERT):

1. For the first time in a couple years, Heidi Klum isn’t pregnant and either she’s gotten a new stylist or she’s lost her ability to dress herself because she has worn the most hideous things on this show. I’m fairly certain I saw her in MC Hammer pants on episode 5. AND, if any of the show designers tried to send Heidi’s outfits down the runway, they’d be eliminated.

2. The judges have also lost their minds and are awarding the strangest outfits this year. That black dress that Michael C made that won in episode 6? SO Jersey Shore circa 1989! And sending Casanova home in episode 6 was absurd. That cream outfit was nothing compared to the belly dancing horror he produced in the first episode. They should have eliminated Ivy in episode 6, especially when Nina looked at the camera and said “Ivy’s a seamstress not a designer.”

And lastly

3. Aspiring editors should be watching this show because I’ve never seen a season that so clearly shows the editor’s personal point of view. My favorite moment included Gretchen trash talking everyone on the private camera and then they cut to a tiara on the table that said “Bitch.”

This is why we love Reality TV. At least the drama is real.

So, that was my day: work, ice cream and senseless histrionics. And what have you been up to?

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