Too hot to blog

The thermometer says it’s 99 degrees outside. At 9pm. And that’s only 10 degrees cooler than the hottest temperature today.

Too hot.

Too hot to think. Too hot to be creative. Too hot to be out doing anything worth writing about.

Which is especially disappointing given how the sky evolved:

Anywhere else it would mean rain. In AZ we got a dust storm with such crazy winds that I could barely keep my car on the road. We’re supposed to get rain Monday.

Too hot.

I’m going to go retire to my fainting couch, fan myself and wait for the butler to bring me a mint julep.

4 thoughts on “Too hot to blog

  1. Welcome to my nightmare. Thank hooplah we’re not in Phx, where it reached 118 this week. I need to live in a place with either pine trees or an enormous body of water.

  2. Or next time you can come to the Peterson’s lounge in the pool and call for the cabana boy (aka Michael) and ask him for a Heiniken (regular or light). And the grill master can take care of the rest. Happy 4th of July.

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