Things I’m grateful for: Chinese food and Sisters

I’ll have to amend my previous post and put Chinese food in the running for least photogenic Asian food on the basis on these pictures:

It’s a good thing the packaging is white or it would be a monochromatic mess.

In March before I started my road trip, I got a tattoo of the Pleiades on my wrist.  I meant it as a writing reminder based on one of the best Salinger quotes of all time:

“Give me a story that just makes me unreasonably vigilant. Keep me up til 5 only because all your stars are out and for no other reason.”

Unreasonably vigilant. I love that.

But I got the Pleiades cluster because it’s about sisters, seven or nine of them depending on who you talk to. I’ve always been a girl who’s gotten along better with men than with women. Because of that, I treasure the women I’m close to and I love them like my for-real sisters.

So to those girls – Jen, Noelle, Bet, Lorien, Lady Miss D, Karen and Jessica Faith – I send my love tonight and a thank you for being in my life. And I leave you with the fortunes I got tonight in my cookies. I actually opened two because the I thought the first one was bogus:

And then the second one was ridiculous as well.

Sometimes, that’s how it goes.

13 thoughts on “Things I’m grateful for: Chinese food and Sisters

  1. Years ago I started hiding my fortunes around the house, trusting that when one turned up, it would be at a time I’d need to hear it.

    I highly recommend this practice. If you hide them quickly and in truly random places, you’ll actually forget you put them there and be surprised when you find them again = )

  2. It remimds me of our trip to the fortume cookie makimg place im Sam Fran which was anotjer in a long line of sister trips. I am blessed and grateful to have you as my friend, sister.

    And I love Eric’s fortune hiding idea. Now maybe I will try that with money. . .

    • Every now and then I get a visual of those ladies making fortune cookies. And then I remember that great Sangria at Cha-Cha-Cha in the Haight and the juicy girls at the bar across the street and the girl that arrived at the bar in a shopping cart! Remember? good times… :)

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