Things that are great: Sushi

My standard sushi order includes:

Sake – salmon sashimi.

My favorite. If I could only order one kind of fish, I’d order salmon sashimi. They usually serve it with a shiso leaf, which I always eat, but I never eat the pile of daikon radish.

Aji – Spanish mackerel

I first had this fish in Costa Mesa, CA with my friend, Donna. I loved it from the first bite and now I always order it when it’s available. It comes in a light vinegary sauce that makes my mouth water just writing about it.

Saba – mackerel.

Also slightly sour, like pickled herring. I eat it last, like a palate cleanser.

Some kind of spicy shellfish. This is a spicy shrimp roll. I also love spicy scallop sushi pieces.

Rainbow Roll

This is the wild card. Sometimes it’s a rainbow roll. Sometimes it’s a Caterpillar Roll. Sometimes it’s something else that looks like fun. With this roll I love the tiny orange crunchy masago on top.

Things I never order: Tamago. Although I discovered that most sushi places buy this sweetened omelette premade in a box and just cut it up and serve it over rice. At the same sushi place in Costa Mesa, CA, they made their own Tamago and it was delicious. However, sweet eggs with soy sauce doesn’t seem right.

And of course:

Green Tea

I love Genmaicha, green tea with roasted brown rice.

What’s your favorite sushi order?

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