En Medias Res

As requested, here are a few pics of my new place:

A medley of beiges:

That table is mine and I’m glad I had it as there’s no counter space at all.

My work space with my painting of Camille, my patron saint, toys collected from various people on my touring shows and the little pokemon Buddha statue I bought in Japan. It’s a good working area. I hope I prove to be productive in it.

And this is a collage of what I’ll be working on, a project I’ll talk more about as I get into it.
In my last couple of years of touring, I put up picture collages in every theatre wardrobe room and thought of them as windows. Windows into worlds I loved and out of the touring world that felt more and more constrictive. I’ve always loved working with magazine pictures so when I pictured starting this new project, it felt natural to start visually.
I still feel like I’m in a weird transition space where I’m settling down into this city for several weeks (or months) but I’m not quite out of the transient mindset. I’m working on reconciling those disparate attitudes.
I’m also trying to figure out the logistics of writing for a living: when to take breaks, how to get started, making time for exercise, learning to schedule my time etc. After so many years with bosses and imposed schedules, it’s strange to be in a self-propelled job and I need to learn quickly how to make it work for me.
However, I’m almost done with my first travel itinerary and I’m happy with it. I think it’s a solid day of activity and if someone planned it for me, I’d love it. I’m also eager to be done with them so I can move on to other things.
You’ll be happy to hear that there’s a festival tomorrow and I promise a post with pictures that aren’t beige. Aren’t you excited?
See you then.

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