Do you have a replicant in your house?

I actually worked today. Can you believe it? I just couldn’t take the bed rest situation a minute longer. Of course I worked on my bed since there’s no other option in my room, but I don’t think that counts. And after working for the majority of the day on a writing assignment that might pay me money some day, I came to the realization that I wouldn’t pay for what I’m currently writing.

That’s not a good realization.

I got this job writing 1 and 3 day city itineraries for a website. If people like them and buy them from this website, I get the money. Initially, I thought “it’s a job!” and then I thought “except I myself wouldn’t ever buy an itinerary off the internet when I can find almost everything I want for free.” This led me to thinking about the conditions under which I might buy an itinerary. Which are none. I think even if it were really cheap, I wouldn’t buy it because I can find everything for free. But maybe there are travelers out there who think differently? I hope so. And if not, at least I have the experience and the credit writing.

Fun to spend your whole day on what might be a hopeless task. Good times.

However, I also got my truck and my computer back today. To anyone living in the Tucson area who needs a mechanic, go drop it off at Buck’s Automotive. I took my truck there and told them that it had been hardly driven for the past 5 years and that I knew it would need some work. I asked them to call me and give me the bottom tier of  “things we have to do or the truck might burst into flames” and  the top tier of  “Good ideas that aren’t urgent” and anything in the middle that they recommend.

And they did. They called me several times to tell me what was happening, they did all the necessary work, ran estimates on the rest of it and finished in less than 2 days. It cost nearly what the truck is worth but that’s not their fault. 5 years of being a neglectful truck mom will take its toll. They also told me the useful little tidbit that most tires are made by companies in Japan that are still struggling from the earthquakes, so tire prices are only going up. If you need to replace your tires, might as well do it now cuz they aren’t getting any cheaper.

Who knew this blog would turn into a font of useful car knowledge? Don’t worry, it won’t continue. I drop off my rental car tomorrow, pay the bill and settle into the blissful state of turning on my truck and hoping it runs for the next 6 weeks; so don’t expect any more car stories after this.

My computer, however, is a different matter. I discovered today that the Apple retailer (alert! Different from an Apple store!) that sold me my computer upgraded it (at my request) with a bigger hard drive but neglected to inform me that the hard drive wasn’t made by Apple. This means that my hard drive isn’t covered under my computer warranty. How about that? So now the genius nerds at the Apple Store (the mother ship, if you will)  say they replaced some stuff on my hybrid replicant computer and they think the hard drive is fine but that I have to go elsewhere to get it replaced if it fails.

Whadaya know. Information that might have been useful when I bought my computer and questions of origin I didn’t know to ask: exhibits A and B.

So, that’s your Thursday lineup: replace your tires now, check your computer for replicant-itis (Does your computer favor clear plastic raincoats? Does it lack childhood memories of its life in the factory? It might be a replicant… ) and lastly, but mostly, tell me what you want in a travel itinerary.

That is all.


8 thoughts on “Do you have a replicant in your house?

  1. In a very strange coincidence, earlier tonight I was listening to the RadioLab podcast while walking my dogs, and the episode was about artificial intelligence and replicants (Bladerunner) were part of the conversation.

    That said, I think that if the same store sole you your AppleCare product and put in your hard drive, they owe you a refund for the AppleCare. That’s bullpoop!

    • I know. And I have yet to call them to ask them to explain themselves. I wish I had known this while in Bellingham and could talk to them face to face and get an explanation.

  2. I wonder how hard it would be to write a multi-tiered itinerary? For example, someone traveling with a family might want to know of places where they could take kids whereas a single guy or gal might want to know of places where they could find other singles. And the Posh traveler might want to know where to go to ‘be seen.’ Not that this formula works for your current gig, but I think I’d like to have a side by side comparison if I was traveling. You know, just cuz I’d want to know what my option might be if I wasn’t me.

    • I did a little of that with a budget traveler combined with someone who had money to spend. I would want options as well and sometimes I want to be a budget traveler (or family or whatever) about some things and not others. Choices are good…

  3. Hmm, I think the “itinerary” idea is a good one. Sure, there are lots of young people who will search the web for all the information possible before a trip, but lots of “older folks” and young families with both parents working would probably appreciate something canned. Maybe you could classify the itineraries for “classical”(museums, concerts, galleries), “family”(kid-friendly sites, sports, nature) and “singles”(bar hot-spots, concerts) include maps and let people choose. Just an idea. Mom

    • I think you’re right. Tailoring to an age group/social group/interest group is definitely the way to go. And I’m coming around to the idea after finishing one of them and being pleased with the results. So… let’s see how it goes.

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