Driving into Nevada

It always looks a little like this, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to take this picture and drive simultaneously…

It looked a lot like this for most of the drive through Idaho:

And then I saw this sign and had to check it out, because of, you know, the rocks:

I’m pretty sure this is someone’s garage. But maybe that’s as good as it gets in Hagerman, ID, population 768:

In Nevada, they had snow fall last weekend and the snow line is still really low on the Ruby mountains:

Things I forget about Nevada until I’m reminded:

Coke ovens built in 1870 by Italian masons and used for hard wood charcoal, now unused but still beautiful:

My beautiful sister, Lorien:

Cave Lake:

The scene of Ice sculpture competitions and beautiful hiking trails winding up into the mountains:

And further up:

And even further up…:

We had no idea a 5 mile hike would take us so far up, but the view was worth it.

Tomorrow: Vegas.

Brace yourself.

10 thoughts on “Driving into Nevada

  1. oh man. can’t wait to hear about vegas…if you can talk about it, that is. you know, what happens in vegas..

    beautiful sister, indeed! and look at those shapely legs. she must be running. ;)

  2. Things I forget about Kaitlyn until I’m reminded: She has a little sister.

    I’m so used to hearing about Beth b/c of your base-camp-ing there, I forget you have a younger sister, too!

  3. Great pix. Love the coke ovens. They’re like 140 years old? Thems some well built human bee hives looking things.

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