Things I said I would never do

I drove out of Wenatchee and through the mysterious cloud shrouded Columbia River basin today.

I spent the subsequent 7 hour drive through the Blue Mountains thinking about what to do next. Up until this week, I had a kick-ass plan that involved several weeks in New Mexico and a road trip to Honduras. But then the “strange and sometimes warty hand of fate” (EVM) intervened by 1. Denying me reasonably priced housing in NM and 2. Making a Honduras road trip nigh impossible because of time frames and money considerations.

Fortunately, I don’t HAVE to be anywhere or do anything at the moment, which frees me up to be anywhere. While that’s a privilege a lot of people never get, sometimes having too many options is as paralyzing as having too few. But that’s how freedom works. It can look all vast and scary or it can look like an open door.

Once I remembered that, I focused on what kind of open door I needed and where I could get it and realized how much I really really really need to stop moving for a minute or two. I also need to figure out how to write things that other people will buy. Plus I need quiet and stasis for a while. This means I need my own place.

NM isn’t working out but Arizona is right there with a lot of my friends and all my stuff. Even though it’s hotter than all nine circles of hell, it feels like the place I should be for the month of July. I wish I needed Arizona in April when it’s reasonable and beautiful. But maybe I’ll stay inside and write in July because I’ll burst into flames if I go outside between 6AM and Midnight.

Ergo and forthwith, I’m looking for housing and I’m driving south. I’ll be in Nevada with my little sister tomorrow, in Vegas on Saturday, in Globe to see my brother on Sunday and in Tucson by Monday.

Curious how Tucson Part Deux goes? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.

All together now:

Welcome back to the desert, little rat…

10 thoughts on “Things I said I would never do

  1. i kind of love that you are going to be in tucson. it’s so poetic. ironic, but poetic. i can’t wait to hear how you make it a place where we all wish we could be. you can do that to the ninth circle of hell, i believe in you. :)

  2. Can’t wait to see you again. Yes, Tucson is hot this time of year. Just think, you don’t have to ‘go’ to bikram yoga class. You can do it standing on the street corner. What a savings!

  3. Angie has referred to “the tyranny of choice,” and one also experiences it at grocery stores, especially if one’s blood sugar is low.

    Also, one of my clients recently introduced me to the concept of “a strategic pause.” I like that concept. I’m not sure I can fairly apply it to the period from the early 90s through the present (and continuing), but maybe.

  4. Love your pictures of the Columbia basin with the lowering clouds! What a couple of beautiful, clear pictures! It was wonderful seeing you again, even if it was only an evening. We’ll be praying for you as you look for a place to light. Luv, Mom

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