7 thoughts on “In Praise of Spanish Food

  1. #1: blenders take up too much space for the amount of time that they get used.
    #2: that paella was sooooo good.
    #3: how did we finish off 3.5 bottles of wine last night??
    #4: you hit that flan out of the park. ah-mazing.
    #5: i think that picture of the kids is my new favorite picture.
    #6: you forgot to mention i also got a haircut in my kitchen last night. so many things happen there.

  2. My, my but the Johnson household is going to suffer withdrawal in a few days after the Gypsy Queen becomes more, shall we say, gypsyish, or gypsysh, or gypsish or …
    Great photo of the kids and glad to hear that the flan turned out well after all the investment. Check with your mother, she might have an easier receipe. Just offering.

    • I’m sure everyone has an easier recipe :) And I remember mom’s being good too. Yes, once I leave the Johnson’s will be in sugar withdrawal, as will I!

  3. My mouth is watering and my kitchen has a blender so if you have nothing to do I will leave the key under the mat and you can come make flan and paella for me. Takes me back to being a kid when flan was the specialty of mi madre y mi tias. And paella crab and asparagus, yumm.

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