10 thoughts on “The big throw down: Paper Airplanes vs. Frisbees

  1. Love the planes wish you were in Tucson for halloween the next time Stephen wants me to make him a jet costume have a wonderful HOLIday!

  2. Awesome! Your paper airplanes look so cool. Love your assessments of each. Can’t remember the last time I made a paper airplane. I’m gonna have to fix that right now!

  3. this was like the wine tasting of paper airplanes. so serious and scientific. taking notes and all. kudos to kaitlyn for figuring out how to make all three holidays fit. here’s to another week and a half of this nonsense!

  4. Too bad you didn’t let me know ahead, (Is that even possible)as we fly paper airplanes in science class. One type for “time aloft” and the other for hitting a target. I have some awesome kids, esp. one named “Mario”, who can make a terrific plane!
    We have also tried a “paper plate” frizbee…not so hot!

  5. Ahhh, paper airplanes. So many models to choose from and yet the LML standard folded plane we all used to make (with the flaps) is the one that got me the “Archeology Flyer Flyer Contest” win… as far as I know it still stands at 270 some odd feet. It flew from the bench outside of what used to be the Stupe down to the parking lot between McManis and Williston.

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