12 thoughts on “Forget the circus, go to the sideshow!

  1. A couple of those turned my stomach. I will NOT be going to this, but it’s interesting to know that it goes on- thanks for venturing forth.

  2. I would totally go. Please elaborate on the banana trick. The hermaphrodite clearly has a package but are you sure his/her sex is more ambiguous than the addition of a wig and possibly faux stache? Clearly the geek is well set-up for a zombie apocalypse. He’ll be eating bugs while I’m still looking for cake pops. And are you saying you’ve never been hit in the gut by a spit-soaked roll of toilet paper?

    • Cake pops and the reasons that you would go to a sideshow are the same reasons that we’re friends.
      The banana was an infomercial about how to make healthy juice. He – the banana – said you take drank carrot and apple (?) juice and inject them into a banana (so he drank them), mix it all up (he did a little dance) and then give them to your best friends because you care about their health (he threaded a tube through his nose, into his stomach and his friend sucked out the juice). I just. I can’t. Even I have my limits and that was too much.
      The package on the hermaphrodite was the scarf you see him/her pulling out. Or was it? Strategic blackout before the scarf came out completely. Opinion in our group was divided. I lean towards XX…
      The collected spit of 50 poople is a rank and disgusting thing…

  3. Great photos. How come you get all these cool things up there and Tucson’s got what? We don’t have a Freak Show. I should start one myself and invite my family to join . . .

    • I would totally attend :) And how Tucson has no freak show is beyond me. Someone needs to scoop up those pierced homeless 4th ave. kids and make them work for a living!

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